What to Watch For: Chicago Bulls vs. Brooklyn Nets

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Oct 23, 2015; Lincoln, NE, USA; Chicago Bulls forward Doug McDermott (3) looks to pass against Dallas Mavericks forward Dwight Powell (7) at Pinnacle Bank Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Does Doug McDermott get more playing time?

I have been asking for it since Mike Dunleavy was ruled out for the first couple weeks of the season.

Doug McDermott should start.

He had a great preseason that included hitting the game-winner in their final game against the Dallas Mavericks. It continued into the first game as he saw 16 minutes of action, scored eight points and grabbed four rebounds.

McDermott shot 3-of-4 from the floor and scored all eight points in the second quarter. He showed his ability to score near the basket or shoot a jumper. McDermott was only given 16 minutes, while starter Tony Snell saw 29 minutes, despite only recording 11 points and two rebounds in that time. Snell played tough defense, hence why he played so much.

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Jimmy Butler, Pau Gasol and Derrick Rose also struggled shooting against the Cavs, so having another offensive player who could help get other players on track in the starting lineup would help. Butler is also one of the best defensive players and Gasol is an underrated defender down low, giving the Bulls leeway for a more offensive-minded starting small forward.

If McDermott comes out and outplays Snell once again, then there should be talk about starting McDermott. He should get a little more playing time today as Snell will probably only see around 25 minutes tonight instead of the 29 he saw last night against the Cavaliers.

I think McDermott should see around the same minutes as Snell as long as he doesn’t become a liability on defense. If he gets the minutes, then it doesn’t matter whether he starts or not. Joakim Noah is currently a perfect example of that. Starting off the season with back-to-back games is nice for the fans, but tough on the team. McDermott should be fresher than a lot of the team, so an expanded role tonight may be needed from him.

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