2 Possible trades to keep the Bulls competitive but build for the future

Houston Rockets v Chicago Bulls
Houston Rockets v Chicago Bulls / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages
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Trade #1: Bulls trade the 11th pick and Alex Caruso to the Rockets for the 3rd and 44th picks

Should the Bulls really be trying to move up in what is mostly seen as a weak draft? Probably not, but if they are enamored with a particular prospect, they may be able to use Caruso’s expiring contract to get the 3rd pick from Houston, who is dying to make some win-now moves, not add more young players. 

If the Bulls get the sense that Caruso is not going to sign an extension, then they should trade him, as they risk losing him for nothing, which has been a common theme in Chicago. 

This would give them a chance to grab a table-setting point guard like Nikola Topic or possibly a two-way wing like Zaccharie Risacher. Losing Caruso wouldn’t help in the short term, but if there is a risk he is going to leave anyway, this would allow the Bulls to get a future piece without giving up too much to get it. 

They also get an additional pick in the second round to add a project.