Chicago Bulls News: Alex Caruso's extension date and possible amount

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The offseason direction for the Chicago Bulls will largely be determined by what they do with their own free agents. 

They could let DeMar DeRozan, Patrick Williams and Andre Drummond walk and embrace a soft rebuild around the cap space and what is left of a roster that won 39 games this season. 

Arturas Karnišovas has been reluctant to do, well, almost anything over the past two seasons, electing to stick with the delusion that the team he has constructed is competitive in the Eastern Conference even if the numbers and your lying eyes tell you differently. 

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These three free agents along with Zach LaVine, will determine if the Bulls have any cap space or if they are willing to go into the tax for a team that has a play-in ceiling. 

One decision that could be made outside of the above scenarios is whether to extend Alex Caruso, so when can it happen and how much can he get? 

Chicago Bulls: Alex Caruso extension date and amount 

Whether the Bulls decide to run it back or tear it down, Alex Caruso could play a part, as he’s the typer of player who can make winning plays for a team chasing the playoffs or provide veteran leadership to a young team starting to rebuild. 

There’s also the pesky issue that the Bulls waited too long to cash in on his value and would now likely have to accept less than if they had traded him at the deadline or last offseason given that he will enter the season on an expiring deal.

Knowing that, the Bulls may just choose to extend him, as Caruso will still have value to the roster either way and will still have trade value down the line if the Bulls decided to go that way. 

According to Bobby Marks of ESPN (Subscription), Caruso is eligible for a 4 year/$78.8 million extension which he can sign starting on July 6th. 

Caruso is currently on one of the best value contracts in the NBA, and even with his salary doubling on his next deal, is still a good get. A first-team All-Defensive player at under $20 million per season is still a bargain, and given that he just turned 30, it’s a contract the Bulls could still move down the road if their reload/rebuild does not work out. 

The Chicago Bulls should have a contract ready when July rolls around, as they have waited too long to trade him, and an extension will only increase Caruso's value if they want to in the future. 

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