1 Intriguing, 1 bad proposed Alex Caruso trade for the Chicago Bulls

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The Chicago Bulls have myriad options this summer ranging from a full rebuild to basically running it back with the same team. 

They could choose a middle ground by trading off one of their players and Alex Caruso has been in plenty of speculation of late. 

Caruso is a tough call, as he is great defensively, versatile and is a fit with the Bulls regardless of which route they take. 

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Should the Bulls really trade one of their best players? 

Chicago Bulls: Trading Alex Caruso 

The sticking point with Caruso is his contract, as he only has one year left on his deal. If he’s open to an extension, the Bulls should consider it, as he has a reasonable extension number, is only 30 and still playing at a high level. 

Locking him into an extension will not hurt his trade value, and if the Bulls wanted to move him down the road, the offers will be there, as teams will know they are getting more than a one-year rental. 

If Caruso and the Bulls can work out an extension by July, the Bulls should do it, but until they do, we are going to see plenty of proposed trades. 

Here are two recent suggestions, one that is mildly intriguing and one that would be bad for the Bulls.