Chicago Bulls: Odds for each pick in the NBA Draft

2022 NBA Draft
2022 NBA Draft / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages

The Chicago Bulls will need some kind of luck to pull themselves out of the mire of mediocrity this summer. 

They will have to get lucky with injuries and hope both Lonzo Ball and Zach LaVine can come back healthy. 

If not, they’ll have to get lucky in a trade, hoping they can get something useful back if they decide to move LaVine instead. 

It would also help for the Chicago Bulls to have some lottery luck, though in this draft, choosing outside of the top 10 is as likely to yield a star player as choosing in it. 

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And that may be what the Bulls are faced with if the ping pong balls don’t fall their way in the 2024 NBA Draft. 

Chicago Bulls odds for each draft pick 

After finishing 39-43 and getting smashed in the play-in tournament, the Bulls are in the middle of the pack when it comes to lottery odds. 

So, they do still have a chance of getting the number one pick, or at least jumping into the top four. 

Here are their odds for each pick: 

#1: 2% 

#2: 2.2% 

#3: 2.4% 

#4: 2.8% 

#11: 77.6% 

#12: 12.6% 

#13: 0.4% 

The Bulls do have a 9.4 percent chance of moving into the top four of the NBA Draft, but after that the drop off is steep. They are most likely to end up with the 11th or 12th pick, though they can still find value in that range in a draft where there isn’t a consensus at the top. If fans don't hear the Bulls called at 11 or 12, we'll know something good happened.

The Bulls have to hope that one of the best players slips through the cracks of the top 10, which isn’t unlikely, as there are some interesting two-way wings mocked in that range that could certainly help the Bulls. 

When is the NBA Draft Lottery?

The NBA Draft Lottery will be in Chicago on May 12th and you can watch it on ESPN at 2PM CT. In a truly wide-open draft, anything is on the table for the Bulls, including trading up, trading back or even trading out of the draft, so local fans should have plenty of interest and have their good luck charms in hand hoping that something falls the Bulls’ way this summer. 

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