Chicago Bulls' 2024 NBA Draft Needs

Adam Silver at the 2022 NBA Draft
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Nikola Vucevic
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3. The Successor at Center

Three and a half seasons down the line, we would be remiss to call the Nikola Vucevic era in Chicago anything other than an abject failure. Advertised as a floor spacing big with elite rebounding skills, Vuc’s 2020-21 All-Star season ended up being more of an aberration than a substantial leap forward. 

While he still does quite a few things well, particularly on the glass, the former Orlando Magic big man is a below-average rim protector, gets to the line a shockingly low amount for someone his size, and what ended up being the nail in the coffin, is a downright liability from beyond the arc.

Even though the Montenegrin international has two more years left on his deal, it feels more and more likely the Bulls brass will look to move on from their high-profile investment and look toward the future at the center position, especially considering backup Andre Drummond is almost certainly leaving in free agency.

The question is, what type of center should the Bulls be looking for in the 2024 NBA draft if they choose to go that route?

A shot-swatting monster who can splash threes like Wemby would be ideal, but you don’t have to leave Texas to find a far more realistic comparison. Daniel Gafford and Dereck Lively II have been a breath of fresh air for the Dallas Mavericks, providing a wonderfully proportioned combination of rim protection, pick-and-roll acumen, and rebounding. 

Finding a long, lanky big who can block a few shots, build some chemistry with White and Donsumnu, and put in work on the boards seems like a fairly achievable goal for the upcoming draft.