Bulls have dream draft target after prospect dominates Team USA camp

The Bulls' decision to rebuild may look genius one year from now.
Chicago Bulls, Cooper Flagg
Chicago Bulls, Cooper Flagg / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

The Chicago Bulls have made the playoffs just once since Jimmy Butler left in 2017. Fans would argue they should have rebuilt years ago. They had a losing record for two straight years and were bounced in the first round of the playoffs in their lone appearance in 2022. Chicago pushed in 2024 but was bounced in the Play-In Tournament.

The Bulls traded DeMar DeRozan and Alex Caruso this offseason. They are shopping Zach LaVine, but struggling to find a team willing to take on his massive contract. Chicago is younger and has upside, but there are still questions about their roster.

The Bulls believed they could contend before Lonzo Ball’s knee injuries derailed the last two seasons. There were calls to rebuild before the 2023-24 season, but the draft class was unimpressive. That is not the case in 2025, and the franchise may look genius for making the move now.

Cooper Flagg proves he is worth tanking for during Team USA camp

The 17-year-old was the first college player invited to be on the USA Basketball Select Team in a World Cup or Olympic year since 2013, but there have been zero regrets. Flagg is drawing praise from everyone and solidifying himself as the top pick in the class of 2025.

The 6’9 forward has been all over the floor and making plays against some of the NBA’s best players. He has been arguably the best player on the Select Team, which features 12 NBA players, including 2023 second overall pick Brandon Miller and 2022 third-overall pick Jabari Smith Jr.

Cooper Flagg profiles as a game-changing prospect. He has superstar potential and makes plays on both ends. He could be averaging 20 points and defending multiple positions in the NBA. Teams will be lining up to select him in 2025, and Flagg will be the youngest player in the class.

The 2025 NBA Draft is loaded with talent. Ace Bailey and Dylan Harper both have superstar potential, and the currently projected top five would all have gone number one overall in the 2024 class. Teams will be tanking for Flagg, and the rest of the elite prospects next June.

The Chicago Bulls made the move at the right time. They owe the Spurs their 2025 first-round draft pick with a top-ten protection. If they finish with one of the five worst records, the Bulls will keep their selection.

Expect that to be the goal. Adding another young talent to their core is a must, and it could be a star in 2025. If the Bulls tank and land Cooper Flagg, he could instantly alter the franchise and give them a shot to contend for the next 15 years. Chicago needs lots of losses and some luck to make that a reality.