Chicago Bulls draft: Bronny James speculation is ridiculous

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Celebrities At The Los Angeles Lakers Game / Allen Berezovsky/GettyImages

With the NBA Draft rapidly approaching, rumors are starting to heat up around the Chicago Bulls. 

The most ubiquitous one is that the Bulls will attempt to move up in the draft, potentially to draft Matas Buzelis to add some much-needed blue chip talent to the roster. 

There has also been speculation that the Bulls could do something desperate. 

For years we’ve been hearing about how LeBron James eventually wanted to play with his son Bronny and that some desperate team would reach to draft the younger James hoping to lure LeBron away. 

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Some scouts believe in Bronny as a defensive playmaker, while others think he would probably not be in this draft at all if he weren’t LeBron’s son. 

It would be a desperate move indeed, as LeBron doesn’t seem likely to leave LA, but if he were open, would the Bulls be an option? 

Let’s be real: The Chicago Bulls aren’t drafting Bronny James 

A recent article in Bleacher Report suggested that the Bulls are one of the teams desperate enough to draft Bronny just to try and get a crack at LeBron. Come on. 

The Bulls would have to be crazy to use a lottery pick on a player many believe should go undrafted. Let’s start there. 

Even if the Bulls could trade back and take Bronny later, do you really think there is a chance LeBron is going to follow? Even with King James on board, the Bulls would be a borderline playoff team, certainly not in any better position than the Lakers, who at least have Anthony Davis as a secondary superstar. 

LeBron has had chances to come to Chicago and never seemed interested, so I can’t imagine he would be now when the team is at a crossroad and not very good. 

Would LeBron really punt the final years of his illustrious career on a mediocre team just to play with his son? I have my doubts. 

LeBron wants another ring, and as much as I am sure he’d love to play with his son, the two can shoot hoops in the driveway after LeBron is retired. LeBron also has a lot of power around the league and can probably orchestrate Bronny coming to whatever team he ends up on. 

The Lakers aren’t going to let this be the thing that causes them to lose LeBron, so if anyone is desperate enough to draft him in the first round, it’s them. 

This would be a wild misuse of assets for the Bulls unless LeBron guaranteed he would come to Chicago, which is about as likely to happen as me playing for the Bulls next season.