Bulls free agency: 3 teams who could steal Nikola Vucevic away

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Among the biggest priorities on the Chicago Bulls’ to-do list this summer is undoubtedly resolving Nikola Vucevic‘s impending free agency. The decision whether or not to bring him back will in all likelihood affect the future trajectory of this team and if it can actually make the leap into contention or settle for a full-fledged rebuild.

Even if the Bulls are leaning toward a rebuild, it would be foolish to let another team swipe Vucevic away in the night for under his market value. As it currently stands, the Bulls are cap-strapped and are essentially unable to make any big free agent signings this offseason.

Several teams will threaten to steal Nikola Vucevic in free agency if the Bulls don’t quickly ink him to a new deal.

That means exceeding the cap to bring back Vooch will be absolutely essential from a logical perspective. If this team wants to win now, he’s better than any other available option. If they’re eyeing a rebuild, re-signing Vucevic to use as a trade asset at a later date is also a savvy move.

No matter which way you look at things, there’s only one logical solution for Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley to come to. But before we can think that far ahead, the Bulls will have to stave off the vulture in free agency. Here are three teams I’d keep an eye on as we inch closer to the 2023 NBA free agency period.

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