Nike Chicago Bulls City Edition gear available now

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Chicago Bulls City Edition gear from Nike is now live at Fanatics. Act fast if you want to secure some new gear – because it’s selling fast.

Every year, basketball fans get hyped to see teases and leaks of new jerseys/uniforms for their favorite teams. It was no different this year and now we’ve officially seen Nike’s Chicago Bulls City Edition uniforms.

In fact, they’re available to order now at Fanatics. 

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As you can see, these are great looking. For more on the design, check out this write up from NBA’s LockerVision:

“The Chicago Bulls 2022-23 City Edition uniform is an ode to Chicago’s iconic architecture – this time through the lens of the Chicago Municipal “Y” symbol introduced back in 1917. The “Y” represents the three branches of the Chicago river as they come together at Wolf Point in the city’s downtown. Chicago’s Municipal “Y” can be found all over the city but not everyone notices it!

“The Municipal “Y” is a symbol of unity representing the branches of the river that go throughout the neighborhoods and eventually coming together in the heart of the city. Fans can check out the Municipal “Y” represented in various elements of the uniform with the most striking representation on the sides of the uniform, with two sets of five lines running downwards and branching off at the shorts. The five lines represent the players for each team on the court. The “Y” is also woven throughout the printed pattern on the uniform. At first glance, it may appear to just be a fashionable fabric pattern, but looking closer, “Ys” are woven throughout with intention.

“Additionally, the buckle area of the shorts includes the true Municipal “Y” adorned with the “C” of Chicago. One additional important element of this season’s Bulls City Edition uniform is the beautiful rust color integrated throughout. This shade of red is a nod to the rust colored bridges that cross the Chicago river in the downtown area. The Municipal “Y” can even be found embedded in some of those bridges.”

The jerseys themselves are available now at Fanatics for $119.99.

However, if you’re not in the market for a new jersey, you’ve got some other options available. T-shirts, hoodies, socks, hats, slides and more are all available now.

But you know the drill. These won’t last very long. They sell out incredibly quick and you don’t want to find yourself waiting for a restock.

So check out Fanatics today to order your new City Edition merchandise. 

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