Alex Caruso reveals how Grayson Allen situation is worse than fans thought

Grayson Allen (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Grayson Allen (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Expectations for Grayson Allen aren’t high among NBA circles, but somehow he manages to make them worse.

Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso recently made his return to action after rehabbing his wrist injury, which he suffered after being pulled out of the air on a dunk attempt by Milwaukee Bucks’ guard Grayson Allen.

There has been plenty back and forth between the parties — the most recent being Allen calling Bulls fans’ boos weak. But Caruso revealed another layer to the Allen saga that has fans up in arms.

Following Caruso’s fall, Allen was said to have watched on the sideline with a grin. He responded the next morning, saying that he was watching to make sure that Caruso was OK and then reached out to him the next morning.

Caruso said that version of events isn’t true and that he never heard from Allen … but doesn’t harbor any anger from the incident.

Grayson Allen never reached out to Bulls’ Alex Caruso after his injury

Never heard from Allen. You think all of the vitriol directed at the former Duke star is warranted? It surely is after learning this!

At the time, Caruso expressed his frustrations with the foul while Bulls head coach Billy Donovan lobbied for the league to suspend Allen over the play. Allen was ejected from the game subsequently suspended one game after it was announced Caruso fractured his wrist.

Following the injury news, tension between the teams rose. Bulls center Tristan Thompson sent out a warning for Allen, welcoming a chippy game the next time they faced off. Derrick Jones Jr. actually fulfilled that prophecy, hip checking Allen and getting a Flagrant 1 Foul during that contest.

As the playoffs draw near, it’s possible that Bucks and Bulls can face each other in a seven-game series. Chicago, the No. 4 seed, is only 1.5 games behind Milwaukee, the No. 2 seed. With 14 games left in the season, we’re looking at this being a potential second-round matchup, and you can bet this storyline will dominate the headlines.

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