Bulls fans have even more of a reason to hate Grayson Allen after comments

Grayson Allen (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Grayson Allen (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Grayson Allen called out Chicago Bulls fans for lackluster antagonizing following the matchup against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Bucks guard Grayson Allen was welcomed to the United Center with boos from the home fans when he checked into the matchup against Chicago Bulls on March 4.

Allen has been a hated figure among the Bulls fanbase for over a month, following what many viewed as a dirty play on point guard Alex Caruso. Allen injured Caruso on Jan. 21 in Milwaukee when he fouled him contesting a dunk on a fast break.

In response to the Bulls fans’ boos, Allen recorded seven points and four rebounds — not great. Despite the hostile environment, the Bucks were able to pull off another close win, which didn’t exactly ease tensions.

Despite Giannis Antetokounmpo dominating the evening, the postgame was all about Allen. And he did not disappoint. When asked about Chicago fans booing him, he took a shot at those present at the United Center.

“That was weak,” Allen said. “I’ve had way worse in college.”

During his four-year tenure at Duke University, Allen established himself as a college basketball villain. Fans across the country viewed Allen as a dirty player after he tripped two opponents in a span of three weeks. Allen unapologetically continued to play his game and even egged fans on.

Allen went on fellow Blue Devil JJ Redick’s podcast, “The Old Man and the Three,” to discuss who was hated more between the two when at Duke.

"“The only reason I would say myself is because of social media,” Allen answered. “I became a meme for months. I wasn’t on Twitter, but I had friends sending me videos they thought was funny, photoshopped of me lying on the ground with my leg up, tripping random people.”"

Duke hatred runs deep nationally. The United Center had a healthy amount of ammo when it came to antagonizing Allen. Prior to the game, newly-acquired Bulls big man Tristan Thompson dumped gasoline onto the fire.

"“Take out one of my dogs like that, we’re gonna have issues,” Thompson said.  “You gotta set the tone. That’s what Bulls basketball is about, setting the tone. What he did affected one of our guys, and I don’t think anyone should forget about that. So I’m pretty sure the United Center is gonna be rocking tomorrow. I think guys have [it] in the back of their head. And if guys wanna play chippy, let’s play chippy. I like it. A little blood and sweat, so I enjoy it.”"

Even a newcomer feels that strongly about what Allen did, and you can understand why after all that’s happened.

Caruso has since had surgery for a wrist fracture caused by Allen’s foul. The Bucks shooting guard was issued a flagrant two and was ejected from the game. Fans have since blamed Allen for the injury as well as their defensive woes that have resulted from Caruso missing time. Allen was suspended one game without pay for his play on Caruso, but some around the league felt that there should’ve been more consequences.

The Bucks social media team only further escalated the situation by posting a GIF of Allen eating a donut on Twitter the morning after the incident. Chicago fans and the basketball community in general didn’t take kindly to the post. The Bulls Twitter account even responded to the Bucks:

After the social media exchange, Caruso’s injury was announced and the Bucks deleted the post. Allen did his best to dismiss any impression that the play was intentional following the incident in January.

“It was very unfortunate how it played out, if I could do the play over again knowing he’d fall like that, I wouldn’t make the play,” Allen said on social media. He also noted that he reached out to Caruso to check on him prior to the injury news.

No matter how many times he pleads his case, Bulls fans don’t want to hear it, and they’ll be ready to rain boos on him whenever he returns to Chicago.

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