Predicting Bulls’ next free agent signing after Tristan Thompson

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Goran Dragic, Chicago Bulls

Goran Dragic, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images)

At the moment, it’s difficult to tell whether the Chicago Bulls are done yet on the buyout market for the remainder of the season after picking up the former Indiana Pacers and Sacramento Kings big man Tristan Thompson. Since the Bulls were quiet at the trade deadline, it was anticipated that they would at least look to make one or two moves on the buyout market.

A lot of the names that it appeared the Bulls could realistically pursue at the trade deadline on Feb. 10 were also ones that were potential buyout market targets. That gave a lot of freedom to the Bulls’ front office to piece together their strategy for roster building down the stretch this season.

And we now know that it was a good move for the Bulls to avoid getting a backup center at the deadline that is at least the caliber of Thompson. The Bulls got a solid addition to the frontcourt unit with Thompson now looking to come off the bench for second-year head coach Billy Donovan.

Who could be the next addition for the Chicago Bulls after Tristan Thompson?

For the time being, though, there are some names out there on the buyout market that could be targeted for the Bulls’ front office if they want to continue making moves to improve this roster. While the Bulls looked to knock out the big need they wanted to address around the trade deadline by adding a backup center, there are other areas this team could still use some help.

That includes adding a veteran guard to shore up the backcourt depth and potentially adding a versatile two-way wing/forward. Both were areas that made sense for the Bulls to address at the deadline.

If the Bulls are going to continue to remain active on the buyout market in the days and/or weeks ahead, here’s a look into who the next signing could be after Thompson.

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