BreakingT’s 1990 Chicago Basketball Collection is amazing

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The Last Dance docuseries has come to an end, unfortunately. But the chronicling of 1990’s Chicago basketball got our friends at BreakingT thinking.

The 1990’s belonged to Chicago basketball. There’s no denying that. Led by Michael Jordan, the Bulls won six titles in eight years. And who knows what would’ve happened if Krause didn’t start a rebuilding effort, or if Jordan didn’t go play baseball.

Even still – you can’t take away from the dominance. As the ESPN docuseries ‘The Last Dance’ chronicled, MJ brought the Bulls from the “Chicago Cocaine Circus” to the biggest franchise in the NBA.

Chicago basketball fans will never forget it and will always celebrate it.

Which is why you need to check out BreakingT’s 1990’s Chicago Collection, featuring a ton of t-shirts inspired by the anecdotes in ‘The Last Dance.’ Proceeds from the sales of the shirts in this collection go directly to Chicago’s Food Bank.

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Above, you can see six different designs. However, there are 13 Chicago designs in the collection, including mugs and hoodies. There’s also a hilariously awesome “Don’t Talk Trash To Black Jesus” shirt – shout out to Reggie Miller for that one.

Here’s the deal when it comes to BreakingT. They create incredibly soft, well-fitting and vibrant t-shirts with unique designs. Do they stand up to regular wearing and washing? Yes. Are they really that comfortable? Yes (I’ve got 30 shirts and counting). Each of the shirts are just $28. 

The only thing you need to know is that BreakingT uses unisex sizing. They recommend that women size down and men size up to get an ideal fit.

So support charity and get some awesome t-shirts.