Observations From Chicago Bulls’ Quadruple-OT Loss To Detroit On Star Wars Night


The Chicago Bulls were on a roll with four straight wins, but couldn’t keep the streak alive on Star Wars night.

A long time ago, on a basketball court far, far away, the Chicago Bulls went on a four-game winning streak. Actually it wasn’t that long ago or that far away, but that was my little tribute to Star Wars on what was “Star Wars Night” at the United Center. There were a number of excellent costumes. Let’s set a site-wide rule to not put any spoilers in the comments section alright all you geeks who saw it as soon as possible? Just kidding, but seriously, check out this picture of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Princess Leia broadcasting the game.

Let’s move on to the game against the Detroit Pistons; here are some thoughts about the quadruple-overtime thriller that was the first regular season game with four overtimes since 1984 according to Comcast SportsNet. Where to start? I think you know.

Jimmy Butler Is Angry And Really Good

Jimmy made some truly remarkable shots in double overtime before the Bulls ultimately lost 147-144, and it is clear to me how much he worked on his game over the summer. A certain PG on the Bulls is starting to learn to defer more to Butler, but the education in that regard is going pretty slow. Jimmy is killing it lately, and he had a truly efficient night (a career-high 43 points along with eight rebounds, two assists and two steals) that stood in stark contrast to

Derrick Rose

‘s game. Butler’s throwdown in Double OT was one for the ages.

Derrick Rose Is Shooting… Too Much

Rose’s overall stat line (34 points and eight assists) was nice, but his efficiency (14-for-34 from the field) wasn’t. He also needs to improve his decision-making, because he made a couple of bad reads during the overtimes that could’ve been the difference between victory and defeat.

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The Bulls Lost Their Wind

The Pistons scored the first three buckets of the fourth overtime and never looked back. Rose scored one bucket in the last overtime, but he also committed a foolish foul while Reggie Jackson was shooting a three-pointer that put the score pretty much out of reach. Chicago will need to use their bench more next game to make sure their starters aren’t winded at the end. Jimmy got the Bulls back within one real late in the game, but at that point Chicago had to intentionally foul.

The Pistons Aren’t A Joke

This is a team that will be heard from in the playoffs. Jackson was spectacular in recording 31 points, 13 assists and six rebounds. Andre Drummond could be an MVP candidate if the Pistons finish in the East’s top four. The big man had an impressive 33 points, 21 rebounds, three steals and two blocks on Friday.

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As for the Bulls, they next face the New York Knicks on Saturday night in a back-to-back and hopefully Fred Hoiberg uses more of his bench in that one due to the crazy amount of minutes Chicago’s starters played today. You can bet that the stormtrooper pictured in the headline was happy about the excitement of this game, and make sure you all go check out Star Wars before somebody spoils the ending for you. Let’s just wish for a few more quadruple overtimes this season.