Why This Year is The Year for The Chicago Bulls to Win a Title


We’ve been through this before.

As in, Chicago Bulls fans claiming for the last five years before the the start of a season that we’ll be getting that seventh championship. It hasn’t happened.

It was apparently supposed to happen last year.

Actually, it wasn’t. I had low hopes for the Bulls in 2014-15 because I saw it as a transition period for the team.

It certainly was an eventful year, but there weren’t hopes of a title last year.

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However, I believe that the Bulls will have a better chance than ever since the start of the 2012 postseason to finally make the NBA Finals once more and here’s why:

  • A new coach. Fred Hoiberg is drastically different than Thibodeau and this is the second-most important cog in the Bulls’ system. Hoiberg’s coaching could be the difference between a second-round exit or a Finals appearance for the Bulls this year.
  • The Bulls finally seem to have fixed their big man issues (or at least mostly). Starting Mirotic was a godsend to all Bulls fans, and something that Thibs would have never considered (even to keep his job). Noah has looked more active on the bench and Taj Gibson finally has a quality big alongside him. Gasol has thrived back at the center position. The only minor concern is the defense of the starters (and the offense of the bench, I guess), but it’s definitely fixable. One check off the list for Hoiberg.
  • The main topic of the summer in Chicago was the whole Butler-Rose saga. Thank god they have been able to coexist this season so far. Butler’s now being forced to take some lower-percentage shots and Rose has been picking and choosing his spots, but I’m excited. When cooperative and healthy, I believe the Bulls have the best backcourt in the league. Check No. 2 for Hoiberg.
  • The quietest member of the Bulls, Tony Snell has looked pretty good in his new role as starter. It’ll take some getting used to for the other starters, but slotting Snell into the starting five over McDermott has paid some dividends. Snell and Butler have been able to switch on numerous possessions as they can each guard three positions. As for Doug, he’s taking his new role as microwave bench shooter (or Korver 2.0) quite warmly. And don’t forget that Mike Dunleavy Jr. will be back in a bit to help ease some pressure off the young wings. Check No. 3: Fixing the small forward depth.
  • People were worrying about the Bulls’ guard depth as well. Thankfully, it’s no longer an issue. E’Twaun Moore has crawled out from the rock Thibodeau stashed him under and has successfully topped Kirk Hinrich in the rotation. (I still smile every time I think about this. We might never have to see this again). He and Aaron Brooks have been a lethal scoring guard duo off the bench. Check No. 4 off the list.
  • Rose is back! No, for real. Like, he might make an All-Star team this year. Especially with Kyrie Irving probably out until Christmas. If the Bulls rack up some wins in the East, we may see Rose starting in the All-Star Game. If not, he should come off the bench. Regardless, the Bulls will need him if they are going to make a postseason run. Check No. 5.

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  • This is a big one: Luck. Here’s what we know: The Bulls are already lucky since they play in the East and are one of the few teams out there with playoff experience. But this year, Paul Pierce left Washington, Milwaukee, Charlotte, Boston, Detroit and Indiana are all still in transition, Atlanta lost DeMarre Carroll, Toronto lost Lou Williams, and Cleveland lost the aforementioned Irving to injury. Plus, LeBron has back issues. With the exception of the Miami Heat improving, what better scenario could you ask for as a Chicago fan? Titles depend on two things: Talent and luck. The Warriors had luck last year. Could the Bulls get lucky this year? It remains to be seen.