Breaking Down Derrick Rose’s Comments With The Media on Thursday


Believe it or not, Derrick Rose said a lot yesterday in front of the media. Rose’s first day back with the Bulls since taking an inadvertent elbow to the eye last month (which resulted in surgery) was captivating as usual. He said some … things. Let’s take a look at what he said, along with some thoughts towards his near future.

Derrick Rose has been on quite a journey since his days as a prep star for Simeon Academy in Chicago. From becoming the No. 1 overall pick in the 2008 to Thursday afternoon, not many athletes have been on the rollercoaster ride that Rose has been on.

For example, Rose leads the Memphis Tigers (coached by soon-to-be hall of fame coach John Calipari) to a 38-2 season in his only year in college basketball. Two years later, Rose was in the NBA with his hometown team, Calipari bolted for the University of Kentucky and Memphis vacated a Final Four birth and 38 victories from Rose’s lone season, thanks to Rose not taking the SAT exam.

Here’s another example: After the 2010-11 NBA season, Derrick Rose was named the youngest league MVP in history (22 years, six months). Not even a full year later, Rose tore the ACL in his left knee during a playoff blowout for the Chicago Bulls.

It’s been a long, winding road for Rose and his legion of fanatics, and that ride hasn’t slowed down this season so far; Rose’s seventh season with the Bulls. During the first practice of Bulls training camp, Rose took an accidental elbow to the eye (more on this in a few) and was forced to have immediate orbital bone surgery.

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The timetable for Rose’s return was set for two weeks. It’s been two weeks (and two days) since Rose’s surgery, and the only thing Rose had done up until Thursday was study film at his home with the Bulls coaching staff and put up a few jumpers on his own.

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But, business picked up on Thursday afternoon, as Derrick Rose returned to Bulls practice. Rose hasn’t been cleared for contact drills since the surgery, but the point guard did get fitted for a mask, conditioned for a while and put up some shots on his own. Still no contact as of now for the former MVP.

During his time with the media on Thursday, Rose had some things to say. Like, well … everything Rose says, it’s going to be talked about by many.

To keep things simple, here’s a breakdown of what all Rose said:

  • Rose still can’t fully open his other eye, which has led to double vision. But, he still feels he can play “pretty good“. (Wait, what?)
  • Rose said the pain around his eye is gone. It hasn’t been there since the first couple days after the surgery.
  • When asked about his free agency comments from the Bulls media day, Rose said that those who are around him know he’s about winning.
  • Rose on playing for the new-look Bulls: “I want to play. I’m anxious to play. I’m getting jittery just watching them play and the freedom we have playing.” As for playing on Opening Night vs. Cleveland, Rose said “who knows”. (Honestly, nobody does.)
  • Here’s where things got weird. Rose on the mask: “I hate getting my face touched so if I’m feeling it and we’re playing good, you might see it for the rest of my career.” (You’re not Rip Hamilton, Derrick … but #MaskedRose sounds fun.)

Thoughts on Rose:

Derrick Rose cannot win over the masses anymore, no matter what he says or does. Many will fail to trust him and his body. Plus, a civil case looming over your head will shy away many. Everything Derrick Rose says or does is going to be dissected to its core. (The guys at SB Nation’s Blog a Bull have a hashtag titled “#DerrickRoseSaysStuff” for a reason.) That’s what happens when you become the league’s youngest MVP and the (co-)centerpiece of a professional sports franchise.

But, the biggest takeaway was made (as usual) by K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. (Personally, this feeling is mutual.)

An antsy Derrick Rose could be a fun Derrick Rose this season. Since the surgery, Rose has really kept to himself like always. He’s usually a nervous guy in front of a camera. On Thursday, he was talkative and did seem ready to get back into action. Will Rose always say the right things? No. That’s a guarantee.

But, Rose loves to let his game do the talking. (Ask D.J. Augustin and the Memphis coaching staff from the 2007 Elite Eight meeting between Texas and Memphis.) These new systems will challenge Rose. If he passes, the Bulls are in great shape.

If not, expect the rollercoaster to make another drastic turn.

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