Chicago Bulls Fan Fridays: Can The Bulls Get Over The LeBron Hump?


Every Friday here at Pippen Ain’t Easy, we’ll take the time to answer questions about the Chicago Bulls and the rest of the NBA overall. So, without further adieu, here’s the second edition of Fan Fridays here at PAE.

Starting last week, Pippen Ain’t Easy wanted to make you — the awesome Chicago Bulls fans of the world — feel more at home here at PAE. So, every Friday, we’ll answer a few questions from our Facebook account, our Twitter account, and we’ll reach out on the Bulls Reddit thread to find some of the best questions for Friday’s segment.

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Both questions this week came from our Twitter account (@BullsBeatBlog), along with our third question being a poll for you all to answer about the upcoming 2015-16 season for the Bulls.

So, without any further delay, here’s the second edition of “Fan Fridays” here at PAE.

Question from Twitter user @bullsbr: What are the chances of a Bulls trade before the trade deadline?

With the loaded frontcourt that the Bulls possess, this is actually an interesting question.

But, here’s where things take a turn: Joakim Noah is going to have to prove that he’s still one of the best big men in the game this season after last year’s performance, Pau Gasol is 35, and Taj Gibson is coming off ankle surgery this summer.

If the Bulls wanted to trade some of their depth, it would have to wait. Noah’s value took a drastic hit last season, Gibson was playing on torn ankle ligaments, and Gasol is still a very iffy defender, despite the high number in blocks last season. Money and picks would likely be involved, but here’s something we have to remember: It’s the Bulls.

I remember reading something from the SB Nation Bulls site on how bad the Bulls are at utilizing trades. Let’s be honest: When’s the last time you thought the Bulls would actually trade for a big-time star? So, to answer the question … no, I don’t think the Bulls make a pre-trade deadline deal. I’ll honestly be shocked if they make a deal at all, despite the heavy numbers up front.

Question from Twitter user @KingSteeno: Can the Bulls beat the Cavs in the playoffs this season?

Ah, yes. The question that everyone wants to know. Can the Bulls beat Cleveland and finally rid themselves of LeBron James in the playoffs? Absolutely.

But, here’s the thing: Without Kevin Love AND Kyrie Irving last season, the Bulls still lost in six games. A full-strength Cleveland roster is more talented than a full-strength Bulls roster. The difference? It’s LeBron.

As of now, the Bulls aren’t ready to take on Cleveland again. There’s too many questions that need answers before that one can be answered. Even with Steve Kerr taking a talented team in his rookie year to a title last season, you can’t just expect Fred Hoiberg to do the same exact thing.

I think something that Bulls fans can expect is that they’ll be better prepared to take down Cleveland this season. No disrespect to Tom Thibodeau, but you can’t run your stars ragged for 82 games, and then expect them to take out the league’s best player in a seven-game series.

So, yes … the Bulls can beat Cleveland in a seven-game series. Will they? As of now, no.

Question poll for you all:

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