Fred Hoiberg Is Our Man; 6 Reasons To Believe In The Bulls’ New Head Coach

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Tom Thibodeau was viciously removed by the Chicago Bulls last week and many fans were outraged by his ouster. Although I don’t agree with the way management and ownership went about dealing with the situation (they had security escort him out of the building), I do believe they had the right to go ahead with the decision, regardless of the success he brought to the team.

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The main reason why they had that right was because of the guy they had in place to replace Thibodeau; Fred Hoiberg.

Yes, Fred Hoiberg has never coached in the NBA before and that has made many Bulls fans doubt his potential with this team.

The most popular fact most fans have been pointing out is that Hoiberg is coming straight from coaching the Iowa State Cyclones, just like former Bulls coach, Tim Floyd. Floyd coached the Bulls from 1999-2004 and amassed an embarrassing 49-190 record. It was immediately after the 90’s dynasty was dismantled and the Phil JacksonMichael Jordan era came to an end.

Fortunately for everyone with any interest about the Bulls, the only thing Fred Hoiberg has in common with Tim Floyd is that they both coached at Iowa State immediately before being hired by the Bulls. That’s it.

The talent level is completely different, their personalities are different, their coaching methods are different, and the NBA Floyd coached in was very different from the NBA Hoiberg will be coaching in.

For all of the doubters out there, here are 6 reasons why we should all believe in Fred Hoiberg as the Bulls’ head coach.

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