Should the Bulls consider cutting Kirk Hinrich?


Should the Bulls consider cutting Kirk Hinrich to allow the other players to get minutes? 

Tony. Tony. Tony. Look at our boy Tony get going! The Snelly Cat was putting in work against the Cavs and he is finally getting his chance to produce. His ability to knock down the outside shot is going to be huge for the Chicago Bulls for the rest of this season. If he can stay consistent and  confident with that shot, then we will be sitting pretty.

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Did you see how wide open the lane was for Derrick Rose last night? The Cavs had to respect the shooting of Dunleavy and Snell, so Derrick just kept attacking the basket and kicking it out when he needed. That is what the team has been missing on this roster for a while. We needed a couple of consistent shooters.

The rise of Snell isn’t a surprise for a lot of Bulls fans. We knew that Snell just needed to get some minutes and needed to get some confidence and he likely would start producing. The biggest issue has been the hesitancy of the head coach in getting the youngsters in the game. We have been waiting to see Doug McBuckets get his chance on the floor as well, but he sat the whole time while Dunleavy was out.

We can’t understand his hesitations of playing the young players. Why can’t Thibs trust his guys? Doug McDermott was the Nation’s top scorer and he can’t buy a minute of playing time. Tony Snell showed a ton of improvement during the Summer, but he might as well sat with the audience during the start of the season. Jimmy Butler would have never received a chance to play until Luol Deng was traded off of the roster. Snell would still be warming the bench if Kirk never got hurt.

There is a move that the front office needs to make at the trade deadline and it doesn’t have to do with any trades. Kirk Hinrich has to be released off of the roster. Everyone knows that Kirk should be at the very end of the bench, but Thibs keeps putting him in the game. This would show some major dysfunction for the Bulls front office, but it really has to be considered. If GarPax wants to see some of the other guys get some playing time, then they have to make them the only options for the team.

The Bulls won’t cut Kirk though. That seems like it would be too big of a shock to the rest of the roster. Should the team make the move?

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