Tony Snell needs to stay in rotation when Kirk returns


Tony Snell is proving that he should be moved into the rotation and Kirk Hinrich needs to be pushed out. 

Tony Snell has been playing well lately. He still is a inconsistent with his play on offense, but has he finally proven to Thibs that he should get the minutes? He is getting the start with Jimmy Butler sitting on the bench, but that likely is because Kirk Hinrich is out.

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I get worried about his minutes will disappear with the return of Kirk. When Kirk is healthy, Thibs will likely be going to get him back on the court and that means we are going to push Tony back to the end of the bench again.

Snell needs the minutes. He needs his head coach to trust him on the court. When will he be able to take Kirk’s spot in the rotation?

Without Kirk available in the last 3 games, the Bulls are undefeated. Snell has been getting the opportunity to play in the games and has been doing well. He is gaining confidence on the way. He needs to continue getting the playing time.

Kirk needs to drop out of the mix . Finally someone was given the chance to take that spot and all it took was Kirk to get hurt. With Aaron Brooks already playing well at the point guard role, Snell has shown that he should be the first wing player off of the bench. Hinrich was the player to come off for that spot, but he has been far too bad this whole season.

This season Kirk is shooting 36% from the field and 33% from the 3-point line. Snell has played in less than half the minutes of Kirk, but is shooting 43% from the field wand 36% from the 3-point line. Snell is more athletic and has shown that he can hit the shot better from the outside.

People will argue that Kirk is tenacious on defense, but he seems to be  a mismatch every time he steps on the court. He is too small to cover the wing players and he doesn’t have the quickness to cover the point guards in the game.

Snell should get the minutes. With Kirk sitting out a few more games with the bad toe, we are hoping that Snell can keep impressing with his play and finally move into the rotation for the Bulls. At some point Thibs needs to trust his young player to get the playing time.

At this time in Kirk’s career, he needs to be pushed deep down the depth chart. We will see what happens when he returns from his injury. Kirk probably will step right back into the rotation when he returns. Where do you guys think he should play when he returns from injury? \n

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