Ray Allen would help solve Bulls issues on offense


The Bulls need to add someone to the roster like Ray Allen

The Chicago Bulls really could use a player like Ray Allen on the roster at this moment. With Mike Dunleavy out and with no idea on when he will get back, we need to find some people that can space out the court. The team has been struggling on the half court sets without someone that can knock it down from deep.

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The team had hoped that Nikola Mirotic would be able to open up the floor by playing the three spot, but he has gone cold from the field and he has struggled to defend at the position. He doesn’t have the quickness to play that spot. He needs to play at the power forward spot so that he can take advantage of his quickness for his size. He should only be limited at the three position.

The team needs to find a legit threat to play the wing. That is what is missing from the team at the moment with Dunleavy out. The team shouldn’t miss Mike this much, but the lack of depth for shooters is evident.

Doug McDermott might be one of the best shooters that we have, but we won’t give him a chance to get on the court. He still could be slowly getting back to speed with the injury or Coach Thibs just doesn’t want to get him a chance. Thibs is hard headed with his substitutions so we are not sure which one it could be.

Without the threat of a consistent shooter, teams are clogging up the middle and the team is struggling to put up points. With Dunleavy out, we have had to start either Kirk Hinrich or Tony Snell in his place. Kirk is an offensive liability on the court. Paired with Joakim Noah on the court, teams can just slack off of both to stop the other players on offense.

Tony Snell is not a good shooter at this point in his career. He is a slasher and needs to get to the bucket. He is not going to bring any spacing to the team.

The team needs someone like Ray Allen. The team needs someone that can fill it up from outside. Allen is a free agent and has been thinking about getting back on the court, but we are not sure which team he would like to join. He might look at the Cleveland Cavaliers and have an interest in joining their lineup. They are rolling at the moment and he can help them continue that ride. The Bulls have a big need to fill though.

The Bulls need anyone that can knock down a bucket and get some respect from defenses. The way the team is playing without Mike Dunleavy on the court is embarrassing. One player should not hold that much weight on a team’s success, especially when that player is Mike Dunleavy. Somehow this team needs to turn it around. It is beyond frustrating.

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