Taj Gibson trade rumors heating up


The trade rumors for Chicago Bulls PF Taj Gibson are heating up.

Taj Gibson’s name is being brought up in trade talks again. The rumors are heating up with the trade deadline coming up. We could be hearing his name more and more.

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Nikola Mirotic has been playing well coming off of the bench. His play could make Taj a little more expendable in a trade. The team could use more help at the wing with Mike Dunleavy sitting out the last 17 games with an ankle injury. Without Dunleavy on the floor, the team has been inconsistent.

The whole league would love to get a player like Taj on their roster. He has the ability to start on a number of teams. With Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah ahead of him in Chicago, Taj can’t crack the starting lineup unless someone gets hurt.

There have been a number of teams that would be interested in bringing the power forward onto their team. The Los Angeles Clippers, Toronto Raptors, Phoenix Suns, Detroit Pistons and Portland Trailblazer all have been mentioned. We don’t know if Chicago will shock us by trading the power forward, but we can look at some of the options that some of those teams can bring to Chicago.

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We hit up the trade machine to see what kind of loot Taj could bring back to Chicago.

Let’s start out with the Los Angeles Clippers. If the Bulls wanted to make a deal for some wing players, they could get Jamal Crawford and Matt Barnes. I don’t know what the team would do with their rotation when Dunleavy came back. The team would get older and I am not sure if it would get better.

In Phoenix, the Bulls could go after Goran Dragic. Dragic has been mentioned as a player that is on the trading block and would be a wing player the team could start. He would be inserted into the starting lineup as a shooting guard and Jimmy Butler would move over to the three. Niko would be the first big off of the bench and Mike Dunleavy would then take a role coming off of the bench. This could be a possibility for the Bulls if they are looking to move Taj.

If the Bulls wanted to deal with Portland, they could get Wesley Matthews in return. His deal would be up at the end of the season though. Matthews would get thrown in the starting lineup and Dunleavy would come off of the bench. The depth at the wing would be better, but would this be better for the team.

The best option would be to deal Taj to Phoenix. Would you make that move if you were the Bulls? Does the team need the shake up?

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