Horace Grant recalls when Michael Jordan punched Will Perdue in the eye


Former Chicago Bulls PF Horace Grant spoke of a time when Michael Jordan punched Will Perdue in the eye. 

Horace Grant was on New York City hip-hop radio station and was recalling some of the intense practices that Phil Jackson used to run with Michael Jordan on the team. It was great to hear about the competitiveness that they had on the court.

Listen in on HoGrant:

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"“Our practices were so intense because Phil [Jackson], the mastermind behind everything, would put M.J. on the second team. Me and Scottie [Pippen] would be on the first team. And then, being competitive like [Jordan] was, man … unreal, unreal. And, you know, of course, punches got thrown, many fights. I’m just so happy that social media wasn’t [around] back then.” […]On whether Jordan just went after “little white boys” like Jud Buechler and Steve Kerr:“No, he beat up a big white boy. Will Perdue. I mean, I hate to tell the story, but Will and I are still good friends […] Typical Phil, running this this play, and Will set an illegal pick on M.J. M.J. said, ’Will, don’t do it again.’ ‘What are you talking about?’ That’s Will. M.J. says, ‘All right.’ Phil says, ‘Run it again.’“So naturally, we ran it two more times. Illegal pick. M.J. walks up to Will — boom. Lit him up. It was over.“We grabbed Will — you’re not going to hurt M.J. M.J. can take care of himself, but, you know … So, the next day on the plane, Will gets on the plane with a huge shiner.”"

That story would have been all over the news in today’s media. Someone would have put that on twitter and the internet would have broke. Instead, we don’t hear about it until now.

We talk about how intense the practices that Thibs has with the team and some of use wonder if he is pushing too hard. Thibs is old school and he will make the players work. He wants the practices to be intense like they had back then with MJ and Phil.

When Richard Hamilton joined the Bulls a few years ago he quickly learned about how Thibs likes to run his practice.

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“When I played there, practice was tough,” said Hamilton, who spent two seasons with the Bulls from 2011-13. “I never experienced anything like that until I actually got to Chicago. It’s well-documented that practices are a little too long, they’re a little too hard and things like that.

That is the type of intensity that we get with Thibs running practice. As long as the team is getting results then there will be nothing to complain about. The results that we are all looking to see is a championship now. Anything short could push Thibs out of the door.

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