Chicago Bulls consistency starts on defensive end


The Chicago Bulls have been inconsistent from game to game. They need to bring up the intensity on defense and the consistency will come. 

The inconsistency of this Chicago Bulls team is KILLING all of us! How does the team come out and steal a win on the road against the Golden State Warriors and then take a dump in the next game against the Los Angeles Lakers. This isn’t the Los Angeles Lakers team with vintage Kobe Bryant dropping 50 points either. Kobe wasn’t even on the floor for the Lakers. This is the Los Angeles Lakers team that is looking to get a top draft pick next season and looking to compete next season.

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This Bulls seem so uninterested in these games. The Bulls come out without passion against some of the worst teams in the league and it shows in their effort. The team needs to get out and play like a top-notch team regardless of who is sitting on the other side of the court. It is embarrassing to see  the team get beat against these teams.

It all needs to start on the defensive end. The effort against these teams on the defensive end is shameful. Giving up 123 points to the Lakers is unacceptable. In seasons past, this Lakers team would barely score over 80 points on the night.

This team needs to tighten it up. Fans have talked about separating Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah on the floor. It could be the solution, but Thibs is not going to roll that way. They are going to need to find a way to make this work. It can work. The guys just need to put in the effort.

The defense in the paint needs to be better. Pau has to do a better job at being an intimidating force down low. He might be getting a ton of blocks this season, but teams are not shy about attacking him in the paint. They are getting shots in the paint all game long.

The defense has to be the top priority to get this thing fixed. Everything else can flow from that. There are going to be days when the shot is not going to fall. Derrick is taking a ton of 3-pointers and he is not a consistent 3-point shooter. Some of the other players on the court are struggling with their shot. People are going to have their struggles from the field.

The effort on the defensive end shouldn’t change though. It hasn’t changed — because it hasn’t been present. Tom Thibodeau has always had a strong defensive team, but these Bulls have not gotten it done. This team will not be consistent until they figure it out on the defensive end.

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