NBA Talk: Where will Kevin Durant end up?


Well Pippen Peoples, I’ve had to hear about this for awhile now, and it’s about where Kevin Durant is going to end up when he becomes a free agent. Everyone that I’ve talked to thinks that in the 2016 offseason that Durant is going to being packing his bags from Oklahoma City and head back to Washington D.C.. This all started back in June during a Team USA practice, where a reporter (Darren Rovell) asked Durant how often he thinks about going home to Washington. Durant answered:

"“I don’t think about it all unless somebody brings it up,” Durant said. “I focus on my teammates, the organization, these great fans in Oklahoma City, the state of Oklahoma, and just fighting for them every single day. Putting my body on the line for them every single night. That’s all I’m worried about. I can’t tell the future. I’m just trying to focus on today and keep getting better for today, and keep getting better for my organization, my teammates, the city, the fans, and everybody in Oklahoma.”"

It got to the point where Kevin Durant was getting so annoyed with the, “Are you coming to Washington?” questions on Twitter, that he had to deleted the Twitter app from his iPhone. Even if in some miracle Washington has a shot at Durant, that is two full basketball seasons from even happening. Although that team would be quite interesting, possibly even would even give Kevin Durant his best chance to win an NBA Champion. There are still a lot of factors from now till the 2016 offseason that could change everything. For Example, a Derrick Rose like injury to either John Wall or Bradley Beal that keeps Durant away from heading home, like Derrick Rose crippled the Bulls chances of getting Carmelo Anthony.

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We all have inner circles, people that we like to bounce ideas off of, and before every article I get a feeling of what everyone in my group of 12-people thinks is going to happen with this topic. So I asked them, “Where is Kevin Durant going?”. I had five people say he stays in Oklahoma City, I had six people say that he’s headed Washington and I had one person tell me he’s going to team-up with LeBron James. Nuts! I know, I don’t think he’s teaming up with LeBron James. In fact, I would give that about a 0% chance of it happening because both love winning, but both love their brands.

Stay or go for Kevin Durant? Kevin Durant is a family guy, he loves his home city. However, I just can’t see him leaving Oklahoma City at least not on this contract. He will test the free agency market, because not all players get to control their own fates, so he will test the waters. He will probably go on five to seven visits and hear about what teams have to offer him. But ultimately in the end, no matter how mad they’ve made him; from the James Harden trade, to possibly losing his right hand man, Russell Westbrook, next offseason, I think he sees what the outcry would be if he leaves. I think he sees that Oklahoma City is his town, is his arena and he would easily go down as the greatest Thunder in the history of the sport.

Would he possibly risk giving up all of that, to chase rings, like LeBron did? We saw how that ended up, LeBron came home after just four short years. You miss the old days, and Kevin Durant is looking at what is surrounding him and thinking about what that city has to offer him.

There is no place like home, and Oklahoma City is his new home! Where do you see Kevin Durant going in 2016?