Chicago Bulls News: Is Derrick Rose Overconfident?


Derrick Rose is raving with confidence in all the interviews, which is just want we can expect from the one time MVP. In a recent interviews with Derrick Rose he seems to just be maybe overly confident, which is exactly what he is going to need if he has any chance of coming back from these knee injuries. Today, he spoke with Bulls writer Sam Smith at Team USA practice.

Wow an 11? To me that means better than he’s ever felt before considering 10 is as good as you can possibly feel. A big problem was Derrick Rose over the past two years, was all a mental game. He sat out all the playoffs, when he was back to 100% because, he was scared. He came back last season, afraid that he was going to injure himself playing and he did. Tom Thibodeau is excited to see what he believe is Derrick Rose confidence coming back to him.

Tom Thibodeau is a smart man, and realizes that unless his confidence is sky high, then the Chicago Bulls don”t have a fighting chance at winning the title. What has given Derrick Rose the confidence in his knees? Part of it is the new diet that he has been trying, which seems to be working.

Derrick Rose has put on weight and is still able to move just as fast as he was before. Definitely will make him more durable as he only came into the league weighing 190, meaning that he has put on 19-pounds. So yeah, Derrick Rose is bigger but it’s virtually all muscle with only holding 5% body fat. The most interesting confidence booster that Rose said, was when he was asked about what happens if Kevin Love goes to Cleveland.

It’s clear to everyone even Bulls fans, that if Cleveland gets Kevin Love then they are the team to beat in the Eastern Conference. But again maybe, Derrick Rose didn’t get that message. Perhaps, Derrick Rose is just really confident in his ability to pull the Bulls through the Eastern Conference himself. Is Derrick Rose too confident? Of course he is. All players are as they get to that point where they just believe that no matter what they have a shot in every game that they play.

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However, do the Bulls have a realistic chance against the Cleveland Cavaliers? This year they do, because right now the Bulls will be better than the young squad of Cleveland, even on paper. The Chicago Bulls should be the favorite to win the Eastern Conference, with ease this season. However, if Cleveland can make the right trade for Kevin Love and I repeat the RIGHT trade for Kevin Love; then the Cavaliers are the favorite. If the Cavaliers make the wrong move for Kevin Love (meaning give up too much), and the Bulls are healthy, then the Chicago Bulls will be representing the Eastern Conference in the 2015 NBA Finals. Will they win?

All I know, don’t ask Derrick Rose because with a 100% certainty he isn’t going to say any differently. Who do you have winning the Eastern Conference this season?