2 Things that could save the Chicago Bulls from themselves

Toronto Raptors v Chicago Bulls
Toronto Raptors v Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago Bulls have tough decisions to make this summer, including what do to about DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine. 

All indications are that DeRozan could be back, a sign the Bulls plan to continue their quest to be a perpetual play-in team. Their options are limited, as they don’t want to lose a quality player for nothing, the price they may have to pay for not trading him sooner. 

Same with LaVine, whose trade value has plummeted to the point the Bulls may have to pay to give him away. 

It’s easy to imagine a world in which the Bulls bring back both of these players and hope better health is enough to make them competitive. 

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It’s not the route most fans want to take, or that most around the NBA think the Bulls should take, but there are couple of things that could save the Bulls from themselves. 

Other desperate teams could save the Chicago Bulls 

Luckily for the Bulls, there are other desperate teams out there who can help bail them out. 

Chicago reportedly already got their chance with Alex Caruso but decided to keep him and make a run at the playoffs instead. 

But it won’t be their last chance. They still might be able to dump LaVine on a team like Orlando or Detroit while still getting something in return. 

It’s possible some other team will swoop in and make an offer for DeRozan, or that they might move him in a sign-and-trade, though that would be difficult. 

The Bulls definitely missed their chance to maximize their assets, but they aren’t completely sunk costs yet and with plenty of teams looking to compete next season and a lack of quality free agents, the Bulls will have a chance to reboot if they want it. 

The luxury tax and a cheap owner 

If you are hoping the Bulls don’t run it back with the same team next season you have one thing working in your favor: Jerry Reinsdorf. 

Bringing back both DeRozan and LaVine could push the Bulls into the luxury tax, which the Bulls rarely ever pay even though they are the third largest market in the league. 

This may prompt some action from the owner, who likely doesn’t want to pay extra for a team that just won 39 games and I can’t blame him. 

Will the Bulls compromise and finally take less for LaVine? If they want to bring back DeRozan and avoid the tax, they may have to. 

The Bulls aren’t in a great position heading into this offseason, but there are still ways out of this without doubling down on what hasn’t worked.