Sign-and-trade with Kings is a way out of one mess for the Bulls

Chicago Bulls v Sacramento Kings
Chicago Bulls v Sacramento Kings / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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Chicago Bulls sign-and-trade of DeMar DeRozan to the Sacramento Kings 

DeRozan certainly doesn’t have to do a sign-and-trade and could just go wherever he wants. 

There aren’t any other teams with cap space to make DeRozan the kind of offer he is looking for, so a sign-and-trade might be his best chance to get paid and end up on a team he likes. 

The Kings make sense, as they are looking to make a splash in the Western Conference, have contracts they can trade and DeRozan is from California, so might not mind a move closer to home. 

The Bulls have expressed fondness for Kevin Huerter in the past, so a deal based around the two of them is not out of the question. 

Huerter would at least give the Bulls something for DeRozan, and can provide shooting from the wing that they need, though his numbers took a dip this season. 

The other caveat is that Huerter has two years remaining on his deal, so the Bulls may be able to get the Kings to tack on another asset. 

The Bulls may have to do the hard thing instead if that asset isn’t on the table.