2 Possible trades to keep the Bulls competitive but build for the future

Houston Rockets v Chicago Bulls
Houston Rockets v Chicago Bulls / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages
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Trade #2: The Bulls trade Zach LaVine to the Pistons for Isaiah Stewart 

The Orlando Magic and Mortiz Wagner would also be a possibility here, but in this trade, the Bulls get a useful young big man from the Pistons in exchange for getting off LaVine’s contract. 

Stewart is only owed $15 million in the first year of his extension next season, so the Bulls would save nearly $30 million in cap space, allowing them to address other needs. 

They get an immediate rotation player in Stewart, who can play both big man spots and improved his 3-point shooting to 38 percent this season. 

So, the Bulls get two young players without completely blowing up their roster, keep DeRozan and hope to compete while still building for the future. 

This may be the best of both worlds for the Bulls, who could actually win more games with these additions but also give a nod towards the future.