Possible DeMar DeRozan trade partner for the Chicago Bulls?

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Why the Chicago Bulls would trade for Brandon Ingram 

The Bulls would get to add a younger player in his prime who is a long-term fit with Coby White and Zach LaVine (if the Bulls keep him). 

Ingram is not as consistent as DeRozan, but he’s a certified 20+ ppg wing with size who has shown he can be a high-volume 3-point shooter if he has a point guard who can get him the ball. 

Ingram’s two best seasons came alongside Lonzo Ball and there may be some interest in a reunion, though the Bulls can’t count on Ball being healthy. 

Chicago would be in a position to extend Ingram and have a long-term piece who is only 26 years old and has made an All-Star team. Even if the Bulls didn’t extend him, they’d at least get something in return for DeRozan, even if it were only one season after which they’d have nearly $60 million in contracts coming off the books. It's a way to compete now without having to sacrifice too much of the future.

Why the Chicago Bulls wouldn’t trade for Brandon Ingram 

Are you nuts? 

Given the injury catastrophes the Bulls have had over the last few seasons, the last thing they can do is go for another player who has proven himself to be injury prone. 

Ingram hasn’t played 65 games in a season since his rookie year and has shown that he can’t be counted on for much more than 60 games at best. 

This is not a guy the Bulls should want to make a long-term investment in, even if the short-term fit makes some sense. 

He’s also just a worse version of DeRozan, so why not pay DeMar, a guy who is a valued veteran leader and who actually wants to be in Chicago? 

There are pros and cons for both teams, but in the end, the challenges seem to outweigh the potential benefits.