Possible DeMar DeRozan trade partner for the Chicago Bulls?

New Orleans Pelicans v Chicago Bulls
New Orleans Pelicans v Chicago Bulls / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages
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Why the New Orleans Pelicans would trade for DeMar DeRozan 

The Pelicans would be getting a certified bucket getter, who is one of the most durable players in the NBA, leading the entire league in minutes at age 34. 

One of the Pels biggest problems has been health, so even at his age, DeRozan is a safer bet than Ingram. 

He’s also a clutch-time player who they can count on in close games. While his annual salary will be high, on a two-year deal the Pels would get off his contract and CJ McCollum’s at the same time, giving them a ton of future cap space to go along with their chest of draft assets. 

They can compete in the Western Conference for two seasons, then try to add two younger stars around Zion, Murphy III and Herb Jones, who will be entering their primes. 

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Why the Pelicans wouldn’t do it 

Yes, DeRozan is more durable than Ingram, but like BI, he’s a questionable fit with Zion Williamson, which will be the Pelicans’ only concern. 

DeRozan shoots even fewer 3-point shots than Ingram and is even less efficient from that range, so you run into the same problems with two guys who like to work in the same areas. 

He also potentially takes minutes from Murphy III, as it is going to be difficult to start them both along with Zion, Jones and McCollum, and both DeRozan and TMIII will be making too much money to be coming off the bench. 

There’s then the issue of money. The Pelicans are trying to cut payroll this summer, not add to it, and DeRozan will likely get more per year than Ingram’s $36 million. So, while the Pels would be getting out from any long-term financial obligations, they’d be taking on more short-term money, which would likely be a nonstarter for a team hoping to avoid the tax. 

It’s safe to say New Orleans has more reasons to walk away from this deal than Chicago.