Possible DeMar DeRozan trade partner for the Chicago Bulls?

New Orleans Pelicans v Chicago Bulls
New Orleans Pelicans v Chicago Bulls / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages
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Chicago Bulls: Trading DeMar DeRozan to the New Orleans Pelicans 

It has been widely reported that the Pelicans are considering shopping forward Brandon Ingram this offseason. 

His fit with Zion Williamson has always been a question mark, and more importantly, he’s eligible for a big extension with just a year left on his contract. The Pelicans may want to cash in, especially considering they also have an extension looming for Trey Murphy III, who is a better fit with Zion on paper. 

If the Bulls were able to ink DeRozan to a short-term deal of no more than two years, then there is a possibility that a straight up trade of DeRozan for Ingram could work for both teams. 

There are reasons for both to do it, but also reasons for both teams to run away.