Plotting the dream offseason for the Chicago Bulls

What the best case scenario could look like for the Bulls this summer.
Lonzo Ball, Chicago Bulls
Lonzo Ball, Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Re-integrate Lonzo Ball

One of the biggest reasons for the Bulls' struggles over the last couple of seasons is injuries. Lonzo Ball has still not seen the court since January 2022, and the momentum that 2021-22 team had build dissipated without his game-changing playmaking ability. Seeing the return of their starting point guard will be a major lift for Chicago.

Getting Lonzo back on the hardwood will be a process. He will need to re-acclimate to playing with his teammates, get used to game action again and generally take care of his body to avoid any further injury. But if he can successfully do all those things and look anything like his former self, it will be a thrill for fans to see him playing alongside the star talent of Coby White in the backcourt.

Explore trading Alex Caruso

Many will probably wonder why I would suggest trading one of the Bulls' best players. But the truth is that Alex Caruso is on an expiring contract, is injury prone, and most importantly, will likely never have higher value than he does right now.

Capitalizing on his high trade value would be smart, and again, it is simply something the Bulls should be looking into. If they are able to get a solid return of at least one first-rounder and one quality young player, they would be remiss to turn it down while heading into a rebuild.

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