Plotting the dream offseason for the Chicago Bulls

What the best case scenario could look like for the Bulls this summer.
Lonzo Ball, Chicago Bulls
Lonzo Ball, Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Move on from DeMar DeRozan

This bullet point is the elephant in the room. Statistically speaking, DeMar DeRozan has been excellent in his time in Chicago. He has averaged 25.3 points on nearly 50% shooting in his almost three seasons with the Bulls, but we are reaching an impasse where it is becoming clear that the team will have a hard time winning a championship with him as the best player.

As such, it is best for the Bulls to move on from DeMar sooner rather than later. They will do best to let him walk in free agency and allow him to sign wherever he pleases. Doing so will allow them to finally embrace a full-on rebuild and start from the ground up in the next chapter for the organization.

Hit a home run in the draft

As previously mentioned, the Bulls are hoping to make a run to the playoffs this season, but they currently sit in the play-in range in the East. With a 26-28 record and lacking the high-end talent of some of the better teams in the conference, they are in for a reality check sooner or later.

Chicago will in all likelihood end up picking in the lottery. The good news is, this gives them a better chance of nailing their draft pick. While many consider this to be a weaker draft, there are always hidden gems. The Bulls should aim to take the best talent available and worry about roster fit later.