Lonzo Ball injury update not great news for the Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls Media Day
Chicago Bulls Media Day / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago Bulls’ offseason will be dominated by questions about their own players. Should they re-sign DeMar DeRozan? 

Should they trade Zach LaVine? Should they bring back Patrick Williams or Andre Drummond? 

Another important question is will Lonzo Ball play? 

After missing more than two seasons, the Bulls certainly can’t rely on that and Ball only has one more year left on his deal, so either way, they have to start planning for the future. 

Lonzo Ball shed some insight on this himself on his new podcast The WaE Show (What an Experience), saying, 

"It is improving, so that is all I can ask for. Still not where I want it to be. Out of 100 (percent), I would say I am about 70 (percent). Good enough to play, but it could still get better. I still got a long summer ahead of me. But definitely looking forward to the future."

While it is good news that his injury rehab is going well, this isn’t the best news for the Bulls. 

What Lonzo Ball’s injury update means for the Chicago Bulls

The best-case scenario is for Lonzo Ball to come back 100 percent healthy and ready to play. 

The Bulls were good with Ball in his brief stint before his knee injury and he would fill a need as a playmaking guard who can also shoot the 3-ball.  

It was also reported that the Bulls could get Ball off their books if he was deemed unable to play at all this season. That was always an unlikely option but would have allowed the Bulls to clear $21 million in cap space. 

The worst-case scenario is for Ball to be 70 percent, for him to have another setback or for there to be ongoing rumors all season that he “might” be back soon or that he is perpetually two weeks away. 

I am cheering for Lonzo and there is still a lot of offseason for him to get to 100 percent, but even if he doesn’t, he’s likely to be back for the Bulls, who are going to be on the hook for $21 million next season.