Latest NBA Mock Draft gives Bulls buy-low or trade opportunity

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The Chicago Bulls could just draft Rob Dillingham 

If Dillingham does fall, and the Bulls think he is the best player available, then there is an argument they should just take him. 

Chicago needs elite young talent to build around and Dillingham could end up being the best guard in this draft. The Bulls aren’t in particular need of a smaller combo guard who hasn’t shown a ton of playmaking ability yet, as they already have a good one in Coby White. 

But if you believe in Dillingham’s playmaking coming around, then he and White could be a nice long-term fit, though it would leave the Bulls with a smaller backcourt that would have limitations defensively. 

For the short term, Dillingham could be a scoring option off the bench if the Bulls can’t shift Zach LaVine. 

If the Bulls think the problems with fit outweigh the benefits, then Dillingham falling to them could open other moves.