1 Intriguing, 1 bad proposed Alex Caruso trade for the Chicago Bulls

Indiana Pacers v Chicago Bulls
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Chicago Bulls trade Nikola Vučević and Alex Caruso to the Golden State Warriors for Andrew Wiggins, No. 52 pick and a 2026 first-round pick (top-4 protected): Bad 

I like this proposed trade far less, as it has the Bulls sending out two possible trade assets for one player, a fairly useless pick and a future 1st that will likely be middling at best depending on where Golden State is by then. 

It seems like the Bulls could get more for Caruso by not attaching Vucevic to him and I have my doubts about Andrew Wiggins, who had a down year for the Warriors. 

Wiggins has three years left on his deal and there is an argument that Caruso (who will likely make less annually on his extension) is the better long-term investment.  

Vucevic’s contract isn’t so bad that the Bulls have to attach Caruso to get rid of it just for a late second-round pick in a weak draft and a future first. 

Chicago could do better than that with Alex Caruso, including keeping him and signing him to an extension.