Grading all 3 of the Bulls weekend free agent signings

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After waiving Carlik Jones before the 2023-24 season began, the Chicago Bulls opened up their 15th roster spot and the flexibility to make changes as the season progressed. It wasn't until this weekend that the Bulls finally managed to fill that roster spot, however, as the team made a flurry of moves to alter the main roster and their G League affiliate Windy City Bulls.

These signings were welcome news, especially after the Bulls failed to make any noise at the trade deadline or subsequent buyout market. Chicago's consistent inaction has brought the job security of Bulls head honcho Arturas Karnisovas into question, so he might need this most recent batch of free agent additions to overperform if he wants to come out of this situation unscathed.

With that in mind, let's evaluate these signings and take a deeper look into our newest members of the Chicago Bulls.

After a trade deadline that was anything but explosive, the Bulls quietly signed three players over the weekend.

1. Onuralp Bitim

As previously noted, waiving Carlik Jones allowed the Bulls to bump Onuralp Bitim up from a two-way contract and into a main roster spot. This was a surprising move as Bitim has received extremely limited run with the main roster, but perhaps his 16.7 points and 43.3% three-point shooting in the G League was enough to sway management.

Although there's certainly merit to Bitim's game, he's simply not what the Bulls needed at this moment in time. Signing another undersized and unproven guard is a big mistake considering this team was already shallow in depth at the forward position even before they were decimated due to injuries. To make matters worse, the Bulls already had Bitim signed to a two-way contract within their system, so I can't see this move as anything other than yet another shallow effort to avoid increasing Chicago's payroll.

Grade: F

2. Ryan Arcidiacono

As a fan favorite during his previous Bulls tenure, it's nice to see Ryan Arcidiacono get another shot in Chicago after signing to join the team's G League affiliate, the Windy City Bulls. Playing over 200 games for the Bulls from 2017 to 2021, Arcidiacono won fans over through his hard-nosed play and consistent hustle on the court.

Chicago eventually decided to go in another direction after four years with him on the roster, but Arcidiacono gets another shot with the Bulls here. Truth be told, I would have liked to see Chicago sign anyone but a guard, but adding an experienced NBA veteran to the G League system is hardly something to scoff at. Here's to hoping Arcidiacono plays his way back into the NBA this season.

Grade: B

3. Andrew Funk

Opening up a two-way contract spot by elevating Bitim to the main roster, the Bulls suddenly had enough space to pick up another young prospect. The front office opted to use that final roster spot on Andrew Funk, a sharpshooter from the G League's Grand City Rapids.

Averaging 13.4 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 3.4 assists per game in the G League, Funk's real calling card is his 39% three-point shooting on a sizeable sample size of 9 attempts per game. Although the decision to bump Bitim up to the main roster may have left a bad taste in my mouth, it would be unfair to judge Funk too harshly through something that's no fault of his own. I'm not quite sure Funk will ever actually hold down a main roster spot in the league, but that doesn't mean I can't root for him to beat the odds now that he's a Bull.

Grade: C

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