Grade the trade: Bulls reboot with proposed Zach LaVine trade to Lakers

Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors
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Grade for Bulls LaVine trade to Lakers 

This would be tough for the Bulls, who are giving up the best player in the deal. 

But Russell gives you most of what LaVine gives you, and more importantly, he’s healthy. He’s only under contract for one season and then the Bulls have nearly $20 million off the books instead of owing another $80 million to LaVine. Russell may end up playing more games than LaVine next season and making a bigger impact anyway. You could argue the Bulls would be a better team with Russell. 

Vincent and Vanderbilt are both overpaid role players, whose deals go beyond next year, which would be a tougher pill for the Bulls to swallow. Both guys were injured this season and are overpaid for the production they’ve provided. 

Vincent is owed $11 and 11.5 million over the next two seasons, which wouldn’t be a terrible cost to eat. Vanderbilt would be tougher, as he’s signed through the 2027-28 season, escalating from $10-13 million. He’s had a couple of ok seasons and is a decent rebounder who is not going to give you much else in terms of offense or rim protection. 

But it would get the Bulls out from under their worst contract, reap some cap space after next season and at least give them three players who can be in an NBA rotation. 

It’s not the best deal, but it might be the best-case scenario for the Bulls. 

Grade: B- 

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