3 Free-agents who could replace DeMar DeRozan on the Bulls

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The offseason has had two themes for the Chicago Bulls so far. 

The first is that it appears they are finally going to embrace a youth movement with the drafting of Matas Buzelis and the re-signing of Patrick Williams. This is good. 

What hasn’t been good is the Bulls’ asset management, the second narrative of this offseason. 

They traded away Alex Caruso for less than they could have gotten at the deadline. Whether you like Josh Giddey or not, it’s inexplicable that the Bulls weren’t able to pry even one pick from asset-rich Oklahoma City. 

Andre Drummond walked in free agency for nothing after the Bulls passed up the chance to grab much-needed draft assets for him at the deadline. 

It now looks as if the Bulls are going to lose DeMar DeRozan, who has reportedly decided to move on according to Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun Times. 

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If DeRozan does leave, the Bulls will have a big hole in the roster with few ways to fill it. Aside from losing out on whatever assets they could have acquired in trade, not trading DeRozan at the deadline, or not making this decision sooner, likely cost the Bulls the chance at any significant free agent. 

There are a few left who can help, but none who are going to replace DeRozan. 

Miles Bridges 

After already landing Josh Giddey and his off-the-court issues, the Bulls may want to stay far away from Miles Bridges and you couldn’t blame them. 

So far, the Charlotte Hornets are the only team that has expressed real interest in Bridges, who can play, but comes with a big negative cloud over his talents given his past. 

Bridges would replace most of DeRozan’s points but none of his leadership or character.