2 Creative trade ideas to get Lonzo Ball’s contract off the Bulls

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Chicago Bulls trade Lonzo Ball and Nikola Vucevic to the Phoenix Suns for Bradley Beal and the #22 pick in the 2024 Draft 

This one would get the Internet buzzing. 

The Suns need more depth and a point guard, so could take a risk on Ball being healthy while picking up a center who can help them now. 

Most importantly, they get off Bradley Beal’s contract, which is arguably the worst in the NBA. He also has a no-trade clause somehow, so would have to approve the deal. 

The Bulls take on another terrible contract but do get a first-round pick for doing it. This would be the riskiest of risky moves, as they’d be putting all of their faith in Zach LaVine and Beal staying healthy. 

In theory, a team with Coby White, Beal, LaVine, DeRozan, Caruso is the start of something, but it’s likely the most expensive 40-win team in NBA history. 

If this draft were a little better, the Bulls might consider it, especially if they could move LaVine in a separate deal and clear more cap space. It's hard to imagine the Bulls tearing down their roster like that, so I’d say the chances of this one are slim and none. 

The Bulls will have to get creative this summer if they want to make meaningful change without completely rebuilding.