2 Creative trade ideas to get Lonzo Ball’s contract off the Bulls

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The Chicago Bulls have been stuck in NBA purgatory and have few ways to get out unless they can rid themselves of some of their worst contracts. 

Zach LaVine would be at the top of the list, but the Bulls could also look to move Nikola Vucevic or even Lonzo Ball if they could find a palatable way to do it. 

Ball may be the trickiest, as he hasn’t played in over two years and obviously has to prove he can stay healthy and take on a meaningful role. 

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He says he’ll be ready for the beginning of the season, but it would be a big risk for the Bulls to count on that. They also have a rising star in Coby White, so Chicago could look to move Lonzo Ball, but it won’t be easy. 

Types of Lonzo Ball trades for the Chicago Bulls 

The Bulls aren’t going to get a return for Lonzo on his own, though he does only have one year left on his deal, so some desperate team may take a risk that he’ll be healthy and be able to provide some production for that cost. 

Attaching Ball to another player in a big deal to a team with cap space may be one option. The Bulls could also try to take advantage of a team in tax trouble that needs a shakeup. 

Here is one of each type of trade.