Bulls rumors: Possible Zach LaVine trade with the Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings v Chicago Bulls
Sacramento Kings v Chicago Bulls / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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Chicago Bulls trade Zach LaVine to the Sacramento Kings 

If the Bulls were to add Alex Caruso to a Zach LaVine trade, they are more likely to get something in return even though Caruso is on an expiring deal. 

Here’s a possibility for Chicago based on the names Sacramento is reportedly willing to trade: 

LaVine trade to Kings

In this trade, the Kings give up two role players and a couple of second round picks for both LaVine and Caruso. 

LaVine gives the Kings another scoring weapon and Caruso helps their defense, and both would theoretically boost them more than the two players they are sending away. 

The Kings get out of this without giving up a first-round pick, so this might be an attractive deal, even with the three years remaining on LaVine’s contract. 

But what about the Bulls? Does this help them at all?