Bulls rumors: Chicago could trade up for big man of the future

Denver Nuggets v Chicago Bulls
Denver Nuggets v Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Chicago Bulls would have to trade up to get Donovan Clingan 

It’s unlikely that Clingan fall out of the top seven, so the Bulls would have to trade up in the 2024 NBA Draft if they are indeed interested in his services. 

All of the teams in the top five have expressed interest in Clingan (possibly to drive up the price to trade down) so it depends on how real this interest is. 

The Rockets and Pistons are both in search of win-now help and would be candidates to trade down. The 11th pick and Caruso would get the conversation started in Houston and the Bulls may even be able to get off LaVine’s contract in the right deal with Detroit. 

The Wizards are a possibility with the 2nd pick, though the Bulls may not have the trade assets to move up that much. The Hornets would also be a possibility if Clingan were to fall out of the top five. 

If the Bulls want Clingan, they are going to have to give up an asset or two to get him depending on how far he falls.  

Landing him in a draft trade would have a ripple effect on the rest of the roster.