Bulls rumors: 3 Trade possibilities to land "hometown" draft prospect

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Chicago Bulls trade the 11th pick and Nikola Vucevic to the Charlotte Hornets for the 6th pick 

This would all depend on how the Hornets view Vucevic, a guy the Bulls are actively trying to trade according to reports. 

In this trade, the Bulls send Vucevic and the 11th pick to Charlotte to move up five spots and draft Buzelis, assuming he is still there. 

There has been widespread belief that Buzelis will not fall past the Pistons, but they have a million needs and a new team president, so anything is on the table in Detroit. 

The Hornets need veteran depth at center, where they really only have the oft-injured Mark Williams and backup Nick Richards. Vucevic would give them a solid scoring/rebounding option who can spread the floor and would be a nice complement to the two young shot blockers they have in Williams and Richards. 

The Hornets stay in the lottery and have plenty of young talent anyway, so they could just draft for need with the 11th pick and take a guy like Dalton Knecht. You could argue that the combination of Vucevic and the 11th pick would be more valuable to them than whoever they would take with the 6th pick. 

The Bulls get off Vucevic’s two years (they may have to cough up more in this deal) and move up five spots to take Buzelis, getting the higher end prospect with connections to the city, but leaving a big hole at center. But they’d now have some cap space to fill it, so can solve two problems with this trade.