Bulls pivot, Hawks adjust and Spurs accelerate in possible 3-team trade

Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls
Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages
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Possible 3-team trade with Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Hawks and San Antonio Spurs 

The first team that comes to mind that has the cap space, assets and need for Dejounte Murray is the San Antonio Spurs, the team where he was previously an All-Star. Murray has already publicly welcomed a trade back to San Antonio and has a great relationship with Gregg Popovich. 

He’d also speed up the timeline for Victor Wembanyama, as they need a point guard who can get him the rock. Murray is a perfect fit. 

Here is a 3-team that could work for everyone involved: 

Caruso to ATL, Spurs

The Spurs are essentially giving up Keldon Johnson and two first-round picks (including pick 8 in this draft) for Murray, which seems like a fair deal for them. 

The Hawks are giving up Murray and the #1 pick for Keldon Johnson, Alex Caruso, the 8th pick in 2024 and a pick in 2026. They get better fitting players that help them win now, stay in the lottery of this draft and get future draft assets to play with. 

But what about the Chicago Bulls? Would they consider such a move?