Bulls news: DeMar DeRozan, Kendrick Lamar and the Clippers

Gervonta Davis v Frank Martin
Gervonta Davis v Frank Martin / Cassy Athena/GettyImages

The biggest decision the Chicago Bulls have to make is whether to extend DeMar DeRozan. 

Both DeRozan and the Bulls seem comfortable that a deal will eventually be worked out, so while the suits are ironing out the details, DeRozan is enjoying his summer. 

That included heading home to LA for a recent Kendrick Lamar show, where DeRozan ended up on stage for a performance of “Not Like Us” that has the entire Internet buzzing. DeRozan may not be a dancer, but he at least clears Russ.

You can watch the full video here.

I think I’ve seen it about 75 times already. Your move, Drake! He's probably on the phone to Steve Nash as we speak.

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But DeRozan’s name has been doing plenty of work in the headlines and he was recently brought up again. 

Chicago Bulls rumors: DeMar DeRozan to the LA Clippers 

Just because DeRozan was on stage with half of the west coast does not mean he’ll be moving back there, but there is a chance the Clippers will come calling if they strike out on Paul George according to insider Marc Stein on a recent episode of the This League Uncut podcast. 

It would make sense for LA if they lose George, as they will have to replace his scoring and DeRozan can step right in and do that. DeMar has also been a more reliable and durable player in his career and offers a better chance of getting to the playoffs healthy. 

A sign-and-trade would be complicated for the Clippers to pull off given the limitations of the second apron when it comes to trades. 

It’s likely that the only way DeRozan is getting to the Clippers is if he can’t work out a deal with the Bulls or desperately wants to get out of Chicago and there has been no indication of either. 

The fact is that the teams that have the financial flexibility to sign DeRozan probably don’t want him and the teams that need him the most probably can’t afford him. 

This makes a reunion all but inevitable unless the Bulls are willing to make the tough call and allow DeRozan to walk to another team for nothing in return.