"Cheap and poorly managed": Bulls at the bottom of dubious list and they deserve it

Chicago Bulls v Miami Heat - Play-In Tournament
Chicago Bulls v Miami Heat - Play-In Tournament / Rich Storry/GettyImages
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The Chicago Bulls have little young talent 

It’s not just that the Bulls are bad, they are bad with aging players who aren’t getting any better. 

There’s little young talent to get excited about outside of Coby White, who is a nice player but not one you are going to build a team around. 

Guards who can score aren’t that rare and the Bulls lack the kind of young two-way wings and skilled bigs teams are currently building around. 

White is 24 years old and on his current deal, is one of the best bargains in the NBA. But what about the next one? How much better is Coby White going to get? Is he worth a max deal? 

White can be a piece of the puzzle, but their long-term talent pipeline past this group of veterans is otherwise grim. It doesn’t look like the type of job where you could build something long term.