Grade the Trade: Bulls land star wing player in blockbuster idea

The Chicago Bulls could land some much-needed offensive help in a blockbuster trade proposed by Bleacher Report.
Boston Celtics v Chicago Bulls
Boston Celtics v Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago Bulls have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs, but they have little-to-no chance of making it any further. With Zach LaVine out for the season, it left DeMar DeRozan to take full control. Fortunately, Coby White is having a breakout season and has taken some of that weight off DeRozan’s shoulders. 

Even so, there isn’t much talent on the team without LaVine. There have been trade rumors surrounding LaVine for quite some time now, and they’re becoming very real. Bleacher Report’s Zach Buckley proposed a trade that would send Jerami Grant to Chicago, and add some much-needed help to their core. 

Would Chicago agree to this deal? 

While there is some risk-factor in trading for Grant as he has a very large contract, it makes him easier to trade for. A five-year, $160 million contract isn’t ideal, but if the Bulls offload LaVine (even if it’s not in this trade), they can take on the extra cap hit. 

As a player, Grant has been on the rise over the last few years. This season, he’s played 54 games thus far and has averaged 21 PPG. Grant is also averaging a career-high 40.2 percent 3PT percentage. 

Since making his initial leap in level of play in 2020, Grant hasn’t averaged less than 19 PPG. While he’s been on bad teams, the consistency is impressive nonetheless. Due to his contract, he’d be a high risk, high reward 

Grant would add some great offense and would be a nice pairing next to DeRozan. If White continues to improve, they could have an extremely solid core next season. With a couple more moves, the Bulls could be a top five team in the East next season. Everything just depends on the team’s health and how much they’re willing to spend. 

Trade grade: B+